X-ray protective apron / front protection
807-0225 Drop-Away Lead Apron, Front Protection



  • Garment type:

    X-ray protective apron

  • Protection:

    front protection


Prices vary from $245-$337 depending on lead option and size. Additional charges apply for apron upgrades.

Typical use: OR, ER, Radiology

Fluoro done? Step out of your apron quickly and easily without breaking the sterile field.

Simply pull the Velcro hip straps and the entire garment smoothly slides to the floor — even underneath your surgical scrubs.

Note that the shoulder drop-away style can also be used with our Stretchy Back and Cummerbund aprons.

Make it your own with your choice of fun fabrics, color options and embroidery.

• Extra wide support straps
• Built-in shoulder pads
• Hanging straps
• Easy on and off
• Also available in super-light 0.35 mm lead equivalent

Standard 0.5mm Pb equiv. configuration provides 97% direct beam attenuation at 100 kVp.

• Jacket: 0.5mm Pb equiv.
• Attached pocket
• Easy-release front velcro closure
• Choice of material, color and trim
• Custom embroidery available

Please note apron weights are estimates therefore exact shipping amounts may vary.

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