endoscope washer-disinfector / front-loading

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endoscope washer-disinfector / front-loading endoscope washer-disinfector / front-loading - INNOVA E3, INNOVA E3-CMS


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The INNOVA E3 is intended for use in GI departments in the hospital. Its insert can process two flexible and immersible endoscopes at the same time. It is integrated with a printer and has a cycle time of 36 minutes. Like the E2, the E3 makes use of 5 liter chemical containers which are placed in the base found beneath the machine.

Its features include single-use chemistry, two-scope capacity, and dependable water quality. It comes with a leak tester. Furthermore, it is easy to load without the need for complicated endoscope connectors. Print-outs are delivered after each cycle. It also has an excellent drying system. An optional multifunction design allows the machine to be utilized as a thermal disinfector for instruments. An insert coding that ensures the selected cycle is correct is also optional.