medical sterilizer / hydrogen peroxyde / horizontal / with touchscreen



  • Application domain:


  • Sterilization procedure:

    hydrogen peroxyde

  • Configuration:


  • Other characteristics:

    with touchscreen, low-temperature

  • Capacity:

    120 l, 142 l (31.7 gal)


It is easy to operate with the operator choosing the desired cycle through a color touchscreen interface that shows sterilization information and graphical representation of the different cycle stages. When the cycle ends, packs can already be used or stored. It does not require aeration, drying, or cooling. The hydrogen peroxide agent is placed in a 14-cycle bottle that can be installed easily at the machine's side. This 14-cycle capacity means it needs lesser changes and lesser work for the personnel.

It features validated sterilization of a wide array of instruments such as surgical endoscopes, electronic-powered devices, and single lumen flexible endoscopes like cystoscopes, ureteroscopes, and bronchoscopes. It is also economical and easy to install without the need for plumbing or ventilation. Moreover, it has a reasonable cost for every cycle and outstanding load capacity. It also has a 2-year warranty with service contracts available after warranty is over. It is also friendly to the environment as the by-products of sterilization are oxygen and water. It is also safe for the personnel.