drying cabinet / for endoscopes / stainless steel / ventilated

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drying cabinet / for endoscopes / stainless steel / ventilated drying cabinet / for endoscopes / stainless steel / ventilated - ENDO 3


  • Type:


  • Use:

    for endoscopes

  • Other characteristics:

    stainless steel, ventilated


Endo ventilated cabinets are specifically designed to ensure a safe and hygienic drying and storage of your endoscopes. HEPA filtered air is cyclically or continuously flushed into the cabinet (Endo 1) and into the channels (Endo 3) to ensure that they remain free of dust and/or moisture. The cabinets are equipped with hooks allowing to store up to
12 endoscopes at a time. The scopes are placed vertically with the distal end hanging freely, according to the SGNA recommendations. Both cabinets are available with
a pass-through configuration.

Entirely constructed of stainless steel, these units are easy to clean and made to last in time. The user-friendly interface includes a large color LCD touchscreen used to manage the parameters as well as to display the operating information and alarms. If the doors are opened during a cycle, an integrated system enables the ventilation to stop and restart automatically.

The Endo-3 is equipped with a complete traceability system allowing to monitor and record every details of the storage process. The operator's identification as well as
the date and time an endoscope is placed or removed from the cabinet are recorded.
It enables to monitor the time each scope is stored and to inform the user with an alarm when an instrument must be reprocessed. An integrated pressure indicator also enables to perform a continuous channel check ensuring that the air is flowing freely into
the channels of your endoscope during the storage.

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