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multiphoton laser scanning cell imaging system / automatic / for scientific research / in-vivo



  • Operation:


  • Applications:

    for scientific research

  • Observation technique:

    multiphoton laser scanning, in-vivo


Deeper imaging for new insights
Multiphoton imaging creates possibilities for visualising fine structures in deep tissue
and provides optical sectioning (non-linear excitation) at diffraction limited resolution. By
scanning over a wide area it is possible to collect data simultaneously from up to several
hundred cells.
Often viewed as an exclusive technique requiring significant funding and support
expertise, Scientifica’s award-winning system overcomes these constraints and is ideal for
electrophysiology integration.
Multiple software options
The Multiphoton Imaging Systems can be fully integrated with a range of freely available software solutions including Scientifica’s open-source ‘SciScan’ software.
SciScan includes all necessary functionality but is also designed to allow users fluent in LabView to easily write custom modules. These can interact
with SciScan’s core code without compromising the software
Modular design - solid engineering
Scientifica’s approach to multiphoton microscopy is to provide users with a modular assembly that can evolve in line with future experimental needs. Built around the established SliceScope Microscope with outstanding optics and a unique removable substage
(for in vivo studies), the systems are compatible with a wide range of imaging techniques and accessories.