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Embrace the Power of Mass Spectrometry in Your Clinical Diagnostics Labs
The Topaz™ System delivers the power of clinical mass spectrometry while eliminating operational complexity. Designed to overcome the challenge of adopting new technology in laboratories, the Topaz System is:

Open by design for lab-developed tests (LDTs)
Closed to run locked SCIEX pre-developed assays kits
Powered by the innovative ClearCore™ MD Software, this novel IVD platform incorporates user-friendly features and streamlines workflows and method development, making LC-MS/MS even more accessible for routine users. The Topaz System is also compatible with the first-ever Food and Drug Administration (FDA) cleared Vitamin D 200M Assay Kit*, clinicians can now harness the power of mass spectrometry to achieve specificity to deliver highly accurate diagnostic results in a single analysis. Now with the new add-on Topaz™ Prep Station, the Topaz System offers clinical diagnostics complete automation of sample preparation protocols for SCIEX-developed assay kits, which includes the automated Vitamin D 200A Assay Kit.*

Clinical laboratories can have the confidence that they can now easily expand testing services and bring previously outsourced tests in-house; thus, providing opportunities for cost savings while being backed by gold-standard technology— all for the benefit of supporting quality patient care. The Topaz System offers clinical diagnostics laboratories a complete LC-MS/MS package making the move to mass spectrometry an easier choice.