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calibration reagent kit / for mass spectrometry / for pesticides



  • Applications:

    calibration, for mass spectrometry

  • Tested parameter:

    for pesticides


iDQuant™ Standards Kit for Pesticide Analysis
The iDQuant Standards Kit for Pesticide Analysis contains 206 common pesticide standards and can be used for quantifying and identifying pesticides in any sample matrix. This standard kit is designed for use with the SCIEX iMethod Application for pesticide screening on SCIEX LC/MS/MS instruments.

Includes 206 commonly-found (or of high-concern) pesticides as standards
Formulated in 10 mixes of about 20 pesticides each
Provided with an initial concentration of 100 µg/mL in 100% acetonitrile
Tested for long-term stability (1 year when stored at -20 ˚C)
Certified for internal calibration or as an external calibration reference material