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electromagnetic surgical navigation system / ENT surgery / neurosurgery



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    neurosurgery, ENT surgery


Electromagnetic Navigation

Electromagnetic navigation is mostly used in ENT and CMF surgery.

A field generator emits an electromagnetic field wherein the position of small sensors can be tracked. The field generator can be positioned beside the patient or can be integrated in the head rest. No direct line of sight is needed to navigate with an EM system.

Scopis positions a sensor in the tip of each electromagnetic instrument. The instrument shape can be manually adjusted by the surgeon without the need for further calibration.

The flexibility of the instruments is especially useful to reach areas like the frontal or maxillary sinus, which are difficult to reach with straight rigid instruments.

The sensor in a suction tube is located externally to aid the flow and reduce clogging.

In addition to precalibrated Scopis instruments, the adapter system allows navigation of a variety of typical FESS instruments to be used for navigation.