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birth pool

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birth pool birth pool - BENSBERG


Delivery tub developed with the aim of being the object at the center of the concept of natural childbirth

The Bensberg delivery tub is made of fiberglass and its ergonomics and profile have been particularly taken care of in order to reduce sharp and pointed parts to a minimum. The large door eases patient access.

Inside the Bensberg delivery tub the woman has the possibility to move freely, stretch her legs, kneel, bend over the edge and finally give birth. All these movements, although natural, for the pregnant woman can be very complex and therefore both the midwife and the partner take on an important role in the assistance in these moments: space and freedom of movement are therefore fundamental for all those who in some way participate in the birth process.

This version can be equipped with all the accessories that normally complete the range of our tubs: among the most important we mention the double step for easy access, the subaqueous lighting system, the Airpool system for the whirlpool, the system for the maintaining of the temperature as well as the antibacterial and anti-legionella filtration system of the incoming water.

Among the accessories to be used with this delivery tub we remember the AVATAR cardiotocograph equipped with the telemetry system with waterproof and wireless probes.

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