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PET preclinical tomography system / micro X-ray CT / for small animals
SuperArgus PET/CT



  • System type:

    PET, micro X-ray CT

  • Application:

    for small animals


The new Super Argus PET/CT is the Argus PET/CT scanners evolution. The new scanner combine the “Unique Phoswich DOI Technology” from the Argus family with the highest FOV of the market (axial and transversal), which permits extending PET/CT studies to bigger animals. The configurations available in axial FOV are (2, 4 or 6 rings) depending on customers needs and with the option of to be upgrade later on.

Super Argus has been designed with the aim of satisfy the professionals needs, such as user-friendly option and multi-animal bed system which allows a high throuput (up to 10 mices at the same time).

LThe new CT, is also focused on new market demands, such as low dose, fast scaning time, high resolution mode and advanced applications (dual energy and dual exposure).