cellulose acetate electrophoresis system / for proteins / bench-top



  • Technology:

    cellulose acetate

  • Applications:

    for proteins

  • Configuration:



AdaLya IFE is the automatic analyzer for electrophoresis on cellulose acetate which supports the preparation and reporting of Immunofixations *.

Up to 5 samples per single immunofixation cycle * and up to 40 samples per single Serumprotein or haemoglobin operating cycle.

All the preparation and reading functions of the cellulose acetate membranes as well as the management of the reagents on board are managed in absolute autonomy by the analyzer.

The possibility of being interfaced in a local network for data exchange with a remote station allows the speeding up of sample data management and the reports to be produced.

The management software supports Microsoft operating systems from Windows XP to Windows 10.

The use of an external PC with at least one USB port available for connection of the analyzer and installation of management software is required.

The exams supported by the AdaLya IFE are:

- Serum protein

- Haemoglobins

- Lipoproteins

- Immunofixazioni *

* The execution of the Immunofixazioni also includes the automatic generation of the photographic image of the membrane to be used in reporting