fingertip SpO2 sensor / pediatric / infant / disposable
BS series



  • Configuration:


  • Applications:

    pediatric, infant

  • Other characteristics:

    disposable, adhesive



l Optimized technology to dispose of sticking surface, so that the skin is almostnotfeel any stimulation or pressure

l Sitcking surface optimization causes no stimulation or pressure to the skin.

l According to the test, our sensors can be compatible with most of the patient monitors.

l 25pcs packed in a small box

l The same sensor can be used for large adult and as well as neonate.

l Designed based on the principle of human engineering, the sensor is light and flexible, can makes patients adjust the position easily as they need.

l High quality pre adjustable LED sensor provides data quickly and accurately.

l Berry also chooses different types to ensure the long time use for single patient.

l Berry products are of high quality and durable characteristics, combined with the newest advanced design concepts to ensure that the data provide stability and reliability.