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emergency care patient simulator / auscultation / CPR / whole body



  • Procedure:

    emergency care, auscultation, CPR

  • Form:

    whole body



GD/ACLS8000Cis the world leading man-machine interaction ACLS training simulation system, can simulate real emergency scenes and all the related signs of emergency patient, such as: pupil states, artery pulse, heart rhythm, heart and lung auscultation sound, etc. All the clinical emergency measures such as defibrillation, pacing, CPR, drug therapy, etc, and real clinical emergency instrument can be acted on the system. The manikin would show different vital signs change according to different rescue measures. Open case editing function allows lecturer edit required emergency cases according to clinical practice and teaching requirement for students’ training use. Interactive internet features can implement whole students teaching; lecturer can acquire students’ operation data easily and timely give correction and guidance.

Implement standard: AHA (American Heart Association) 2010 guideline for CPR and ECC


★ This sign indicates that the functions can be run only when the manikin is used with the optional accessories

Head and neck:

1. Vital signs simulation: pupil observation, LCD pupil display,diameter range: 1-9mm; spontaneous carotid artery pulse, vivid reproduction of patient moaning, coughing and vomiting sound;

2. Many respiration modes

3. Airway management: standard oral and nasal intubation, tracheotomy;detect intubation position via auscultation;