universal operating table / hydraulic / mechanical / height-adjustable



  • Applications:


  • Operation:

    hydraulic, mechanical

  • Features:

    height-adjustable, Trendelenburg, reverse Trendelenburg


Main technical data:
1.Tabletop dimensions: length:1960㎜, width: 480㎜
2.Adjustment of head section: up≥ 35°, down ≥ 40°, can be disassemble
3.Adjustment of back section: up≥ 75°
4.Adjustment of leg section: down≥ 90°
5. Adjustment of table top: forward tilt: ≥20°, backward tilt: ≥15°
6. Adjustment of table top: left tilt: ≥15°, right tilt: ≥15°
7.The lift distance of waist section: ≥80 mm
8.The distance from the tabletop to floor: ≤680 mm
9.The up and down distance: :≥200 mm
10. Rated load weight of tabletop: 135kg