universal operating table / hydraulic / height-adjustable / Trendelenburg



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  • Features:

    height-adjustable, Trendelenburg, reverse Trendelenburg, X-ray transparent, ergonomic

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1. All positions is adjusted manually, drived by pneumatic and hydraulic system. Easy,
accurate and reliable.
2. This multi-functional operating table meets various needs of examinations and surgeries,
such as chest and abdominal, gynecology, urology, anorectal, orthopedics, etc.
3. Mattress is made of superior foam, seamless, antistatic and resistant to disinfectant agents
4. T type base with ergonomic design is stable and mobile, which providing comfortable foot
space for surgeons.


Length 1970mm
Width 500mm
Tabletop Lowest Height 750mm
Tabletop Highest Height 970mm

Tabletop Trendelenburg ≥ 22°
Reverse Trendelenburg≥ 22°
Left ≥ 18°
Right ≥ 18°

Head PlateUp ≥ 45°
Down ≥ 90°

Back PlateUp ≥ 75°
Down ≥ 15°

Leg Plate(Pneumatic) Down ≥ 90°

Standard Accessories
Anesthesia Screen1 piece Body Belt1 pair
Leg Plate 1 pair Mattress 1 set
Arm Support 1 pair