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breast fibroadenoma treatment HIFU ablation system / ultrasound-guided



  • Type of therapy:

    for breast fibroadenoma treatment

  • Control:




By using ultrasonic method, NUTAS product has filled the gap in the treatment of tumor at home and abroad, which is at the world advanced level. The application of the technology will improve the level of tumor treatment technology, to promote "healthy medical treatment" as well as the development of "digital medical industry".

Non-invasive Tumor Treatment

NUTAS utilizes high intensity focused ultrasound to produce coagulative necrosis of tumor cells without surgery, causing no bleeding, no harm to the surrounding tissues, and no dysfunctions of limbs and organs.

System Control Software With Multiple Operation Modes

NUTAS-E10’s advanced iSun™ software system, integrates tumor tomography recognition and 3D reconstruction technologies, and provides comprehensive treatment information, efficient work flow and friendly man-machine interface, which assist to complete routine treatment rapidly and accurately. The open DICOM connector can read CT/MRI image data of outside patients. The registration and fusion of CT/MRI images and real time ultrasound images guide the positioning and improving treatment accuracy.

Equipped with high resolution medical displays, the super-wide-angle Console Unit displays more comprehensive treatment information at the same time. The unique design of main and auxiliary operation areas enable medical personnel to complete treatment more efficiently. The humanized function module partitions with shortcut key operation mode and the unique design of enable keys with light indicators promote the flexibility of system operation without worry of wrong operation.