fetal doppler / pocket / with heart rate monitor
2.0 MHz | BF-500A



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    with heart rate monitor


Pocket Fetal Doppler is mainly designed for detection of fetus heartbeat rate from twelfth week. FHR, alarm and sound volume indicator, synchronous FHR signal and battery indicator are precisely displayed by LCD monitor. The device has in-built battery which is rechargeable and capable of operating more than 4 hours. Dialing up and transmission of FHR signal to the monitor center via telephone line is ensured by the modem present inside and thus it helps in remote monitoring. For comfortable use during night, the product contains LCD with blue backlight. It automatically switches-off in one minute. In case of low battery power or FHR not in normal range, the device is provided with alarm and self-detect functions. It is comfortable to carry as the weight is 300g. In-built speakers are attached with earphone jack. 2.5MHz probe is easily replaced. It maintains executive standard of EN61266:1995. Its ultrasonic intensity and frequency measure ≤10mW/sqcm and 2.0MHz±10 percent respectively. With comprehensive sensitivity ≤90dB, its FHR range is 60-210bpm(±2bpm) with FHR alarm range of ≤100bpm or ≥160bpm, Isptp ≤0.1MPa and rechargeable battery of 9.6VNi-MH.