intensive care ventilator / homecare / emergency / sleep apnea therapy



  • Applications:

    intensive care, homecare, emergency, sleep apnea therapy, clinical, COPD

  • Patient type:


  • Ventilation mode:

    CPAP, BIPAP, APAP, ABIPAP, IPPB, multi-mode

  • Other characteristics:

    portable, with touch screen, with heated humidifier, with adjustable PEEP, with chest compressor


Applicable for adults over 30kg, moderate obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) users.
•Different from CPAP machine, APAP automatically adjusts the airway pressure to meet each specific person’s breathing needs, which often change throughout the night as we move in and out of different stages of sleep.
•It is the most comfortable model in single-level machines.

Product information
•Model: APAP
•Inspiratoiy pressure range: 4-20cmH2O
•Expiratory pressure range: 4-20cmH2O
•Pressure support: O-lOcmH2O
•Auxiliary functions: Smart start. air leakage compensation, altitude pressure compensation. accessories replacement reminder. sleep report, preheating function. air leakage function, mask-off alert. high/tow pressure alert. etc.

1) Certificated by CE, ISO9001, ISO13485
2) Exported to over 40 countries becaused of reliable quality.
3) Highly intelligent & easy to operate.
4) AVAPS & Preheating function supported
5) Low noise <29dB
6) Exhalation release technology
7) Super outstanding respiratory synchrony.
8) Competitive price.

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