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prostate tumor treatment HIFU ablation system / ultrasound-guided



  • Type of therapy:

    for prostate tumor treatment

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Principle of HIFU-2001

HIFU-2001 is a non-invasive carcinoma treatment system. The system is controlled by a powerful PC with dedicated software, which automatically transmits HIFU beams to the precisely defined treatment area. The system can automatically calculate and design the size and shape of treatment area. Due to significant energy deposition at the focus, temperature within the tissue rises up between 65℃ and 100℃, destroying the diseased tissue by coagulation necrosis. Nowadays, there is no optimal single method for cancer treatment. Comprehensive therapy programs that utilize multiple paralleled methods are adopted to treat different cancer cases. HIFU-2001 provides a high-tech method for cancer treatment with accurate therapeutic effects and high safety.