mass spectrometer / MALDI-TOF / for proteomics / high-resolution
AXIMA Confidence



  • Type:

    mass, MALDI-TOF

  • Applications:

    for proteomics

  • Other characteristics:



It features excellent MALDI-TOF performance for accurate mass date and MS/MS derived structural information. Linear mode permits high molecular weight samples to be interrogated. On the other hand, reflectron mode (with patented curved-field reflectron mode incorporated) offers high resolution as well as accuracy required in successful proteomics as well as experiments in the field of life science. It has a highly sensitive system that uses a variable repetition rate 50 Hz N2 laser and various target formats to accommodate the output requirements of samples.

It is an affordable yet robust option for labs that perform routine analysis, both manual and automated, on a wide array of samples. Its outstanding sensitivity is obtained with the use of near-axis laser irradiation and innovative ion optic that enhances the transmission of ions.

MS/MS can be done easily with a flawless approach. By making use of a precursor ion selection device, isolation of ions can be done. It is then incorporated as the standard before the fast acquisition of information-rich fragment ion spectra is done.