mass spectrometer / MALDI-TOF / for research / high-resolution
AXIMA Resonance



  • Type:

    mass, MALDI-TOF

  • Applications:

    for research

  • Other characteristics:



The unique combination, by the MSn, the resolution and accuracy by the TOF along with the simplicity of the MALDL, is featured in the new AXIMA Resonance. It answers the call of researcher for a next generation solution to structural sequencing issues. Designed for maximum performance the AXIMA provides mass accuracy and resolution in the analysis of MS and MSn. It provides excellent precursor ion selection, super sensitivity across a wide range of applications for quality results. Other features include variable energy CID control and superb precursor ion selection, controllable Msn fragmentation for research in MSn experiments. The TOF Analyzer provides high mass accuracy and resolution for all ions that are generated. The ion selection is amplified even for complex mixtures using the Excellent Precursor Ion Selection applicable for moistures even with closely related isotopic properties.