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UHPLC chromatography system / modular
Nexera UHPLC

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UHPLC chromatography system / modular UHPLC chromatography system / modular - Nexera UHPLC


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Nexera is an all-round an Ultra High Performance Liquid Chromatograph is a next-generation UHPLC system. It uses revolutionary technology to offer high-performance ultra-high speed LC analysis and the flexibility to allow configuring systems for a wide range of applications..
Its micro-volume plungers provide precise solvent delivery and low injection volumes to achieve excellent injection reproducibility and extremely low carryover.
With a pressure range up to 130 MPa, high-speed injection, overlapping injection and highly efficient gradient mixing, Nexera enables ultra-high speed and ultra-high resolution analysis.
The Nexera column oven and autosampler, along with the modular flexibility of the system, expand the application range. These applications include high-temperature analysis, green LC, auto-sample pretreatment and multidimensional LC separation.