data management software / capture / for ECG / EMG

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data management software / capture / for ECG / EMG data management software / capture / for ECG / EMG - Consensys


  • Function:

    data management, capture

  • Application domain:

    for ECG, EMG


ConsensysPRO software is the most advanced version of Consensys V1.1.0. It is designed for adaptive human data collection in the field, large scale repeatable trials and general multi sensor management. The new software builds on its predecessor Consensys V0.4.4, and now offers rapid configuration and data capture in an easy-to-use graphical interface with increased performance and reliability.

With a range of features that allow the user to programme firmware and configure, record and plot data from multiple Shimmers simultaneously, ConsensysPRO now includes tools such as event markers for data annotation and built in algorithms for off-line and on-line processing, including 6DoF to Quaternion, 9DoF to Quaternion, ECG-to-HR and PPG-to-HR.

Additional features include: Inter-beat interval for ECG and PPG, activity level reports for kinematic data, EMG band-pass filtering.