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isolation tank with chromotherapy lamps
Multi-Noble Rex



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    with chromotherapy lamps


O Multi-Noble Rex
Noble Rex is an aérobic exercise machine that provides the best environment for treatment with its twin cap System!
A multi-system that offers far-infrared ray thermotherapy and steroid vibration at the center improves urinary incontinence, sphincter, and sexual functions.
Solenoid massage function stimulâtes your waist and shoulder.
Exercise comfortably by lying on Multi-Noble Rex!
*Comfortable 3D auto stretching function
*Provides a treatment environment appropriate for the user*s constitution
*Idéal for those with weak joint or waist
*Contains compressed rock sait - Sait bath effect
□ Far-infrared Ray Thermotherapy
Ceramic, jade, and minerais in capsule émit far-infrared ray heat to relax stiff muscles, promote blood circulation, stimulate metabolism, and relieve pain.
□ Sait Heat Pack
Solid rock sait compressed at 1000oC provides half-bath, moxa cautery, and hot pack effect.
O Aérobic Exercise
Strong vibration in hip position is effective in treating obesity and reinforcing organs.
□ Color Therapy
Provides emotional stability using each color's unique wavelength and the number of vibrations

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