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electric massage table / 2-section
Rolling Track 8000



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Body Acupressure Treatment Massage and Tap Based on Cutting-edge Technology Guaranteed to Relieve Your Stress
"COX-type ROLLING TRAC 8000 provides acupressure treatment and massage from the spine to the cervical vertebra along the curve of your body using meridian acupressure, embossing roller. ceramic heater. and acupressure roller. With an embedded vibration function that supports automatic power adjustment, you can operate only the upper or lower part as well as both parts simultaneously. ROLLING TRAC 8000 opérâtes based on the 3-stage System and provides soft and strong massage.
It is perfect for professional who wants to treat patients safely and comfortably according to their symptoms. * Users can adjust its operation from 3 stages based on their preference.
* In the spine disease prévention stage, it acts as the best treatment machine that provides maximum soothing effect by lifting and lowering at 35 degrees continuously.

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