3D conformational radiation therapy linear particle accelerator / with robotized positioning table



  • Type of therapy:

    3D conformational radiation therapy

  • Components:

    with robotized positioning table


Shinva medical adopts the latest technology and develops XHA600D, low-energy linac. It consists of the machine, treatment couch and control system, providing 6MV photon beam energies. 3D-CRT, IMRT and IGRT can be integrated in this one machine.

XHA600D medical linear accelerator owns the following unique features:

lHigh-efficient sealed standing wave accelerating tube which is durable with stable and high dose rate

lComputer-controlled gridded electron gun, with high compressive strength, strong launching capability and enough pulse power

l270° achromatic magnetic deflection technique with excellent achromatic and focusing capability.

lBeam controlling technology ensures stable and fast generation performance

lDual channel ionization chamber with a quadrant plate and a control plate to ensure precise dose measuring

lControlled by computer; supporting multi-language interface

lDual position data acquisition system offers better security

lWith integrated network interface of treatment information management system

lWith multi-level safety interlocks to ensure operating staff and machine’s safety

lFull-digital design and computer control system. Operating software adopts graphical interface which is easy to use.

lStreamlined appearance and excellent surface treatment technology open to global market.