laboratory autoclave / benchtop / compact
Laboklav 25

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laboratory autoclave / benchtop / compact laboratory autoclave / benchtop / compact - Laboklav 25


  • Application domain:


  • Configuration:

    benchtop, compact

  • Temperature range:

    Min.: 98 °C (208.4 °F)

    Max.: 135 °C (275 °F)

  • Capacity:

    25 l (6.6 gal)


The extremely compact and space-saving tabletop autoclaves in the LABOKLAV 25 series provide you with many options available from a large
tabletop unit:

Sterilization of liquids in open or slightly closed bottles
also available with an air recooling system Instrument sterilization
also with pre-vacuum and drying vacuum
Waste sterilization at 134 °C (thermal inactivation)
Optional exhaust air filtration

A unique design meets innovative technical solutions with optimal utilisation of the chamber volume. Our autoclave provides you with space for up to five 1 l standard laboratory flasks including caps. The chamber lid made of temperature-proof safety glass and the front cover made of safety glass allow you to visualize the processes in the chamber. LEDs illuminate the interior of the chamber and coloured LED operating lights indicate the unit‘s current status.
Laboklav 25 series autoclaves stand for easy operation and handling. Once the chamber door is pressed slightly after loading, it can be locked by a motor at a press of a button. A tank built into the unit, separated into 2 areas with level sensors, acts as a reservoir for the feed water as well as a collection point for the condensate. Both can be emptied separately. In all liquid programmes, the temperature in the liquid is controlled by an integrated flexible PT100 reference sensor which prevents the chamber door from being opened at an excessive media temperature (thermo locking device in accordance with IEC 61010-2-43).