pediatric anesthesia workstation / infant / adult / trolley-mounted
Morpheus LT/MRI

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pediatric anesthesia workstation pediatric anesthesia workstation - Morpheus LT/MRI


  • Application:

    pediatric, infant, adult

  • Ergonomics:


  • Options:

    with respiratory monitoring, MRI-compatible


The Morpheus LT/MRI is an anesthesia unit which is suitable for adults, children and newborns. It consists of a mechanical gas mixing system with a gas supply group, and a SIARETEX rapid connection device which is compatible for two vaporizers. An electronic lung ventilator which has a dual color display of 165 x 145 mm is included with a membrane keyboard and encoder. The valve groups are available in closed, semi-closed, open and heated types and with soda lime absorber (1 kg). It can administer air, oxygen, enflurane, isoflurane, nitrous oxide, sevoflurane, halothane and desflurane mixtures. The unit is compatible for Magnetic Resonance rooms.