Heimlich maneuver training manikin / torso
100-1602, 100-1615, 100-1620



  • Procedure:

    Heimlich maneuver

  • Form:



Students are taught about choking and Foreign Body Airway Obstruction (FBAO) with the help of these realistic manikins formed in the shape of adult, adolescent and child. The manikins have a life-size head and torso and the forceful thrust is applied on the abdomen, chest and back. Made with durable vinyl, these manikins look not only life-like but are highly durable. The students can practice forceful thrust till they learn to expel the foreign object successfully, and know where to apply thrust and with what pressure. The manikins are meant to provide accurate guidance in CPR, hence they are fitted with ribcage, xiphoid process, and jugular notch.