operating table boot stirrup
P/N 4-080-01-1



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    for operating tables


Skytron’s Flex Fin 600 stirrups set a new standard for patient positioning in your operating room. Built to handle a higher weight capacity while allowing simple leg repositioning, these stirrups are designed with both the patient and the surgical team in mind.

Key Features
600 lb. weight capacity allows you to handle more patient cases
Trigger-grip handle allows for simple, one-touch leg repositioning
Free-floating boot reduces risk of superficial nerve injury
Extended lateral fin protects the femoral nerve
Flexible boot is larger and features deluxe pads and clam-shell that protect patient’s foot, ankle and calf
Allows for three degrees of motion: lithotomy, abduction/adduction and lateral leg rotation
Recommend use: gynecologic, urologic and laparoscopic procedures