shoulder support / shoulder surgery / positioning / chair



  • Type:

    shoulder support

  • Applications:

    shoulder surgery, positioning, chair

  • Other characteristics:



Skytron offers simple and efficient set-up for shoulder surgeries with our Lift Assist or Double Ball Joint Beach Chairs. Both chairs quickly attach to the table side rails and offer comfortable support of the patient’s head and back during shoulder manipulations. When used with a top rotation surgical table, the chair can be positioned over the narrowest section of the base thereby providing the surgical team plenty of foot room during shoulder procedures.


Efficient and easy set-up
Sliding mechanism permits height adjustment of head section
Restraint straps hold patient’s head secure during procedure
Top rotation tables can be rotated 180° to maximize foot room
Power Beach Chair Positioner on 3602 and 6702 table allows for automatic, on-touch set-up
3-040-30 Lift Assist Beach Chair = 500 lb. weight capacity
3-040-32 Double Ball Joint Beach Chair = 600 lb. weight capacity
3-040-32 Double Ball Joint Beach Chair features additional head maneuverability for patients with Kyphosis
Available models: 3-040-30 (use with all Skytron tables), 3-040-32 (use with 6702 and 3602 tables only)