lateral support / for operating tables



  • Type:

    lateral support

  • Applications:

    for operating tables


The Singer Starr Stacker is the most innovative, cost-effective and safe solution available for lateral patient positioning. Comprised of stackable, grooved arm and leg contoured cushions with a special armboard, the system independently supports upper and lower extremities. The Stacker system is specifically designed to reduce pressure sores, minimize patient positioning time, and provide continuous access to vascular lines and monitoring devices.

The Singer Starr Stacker Lateral Support System is ideal for open, minimally invasive and robotic, side-lying procedures.


Provides maximum support and ergonomic comfort for patients
Ultra-soft cushions prevent bedsores and pressure-induced tissue trauma
Notched arm cushions allow entry of airway tubes and support devices
Stackable cushions can adjust according to patient size and anatomy
Allows immediate access to airways, chest, abdomen, back and extremities
Reversible design allows safe right or left lateral positioning
Efficient and easy set-up
Reusable, durable and simple to clean
Arm cushions are available in standard or bariatric sizes