automatic sample preparation system / for histology / tissue / paraffin embedding



  • Operation:


  • Applications:

    for histology, tissue

  • Preparation type:

    paraffin embedding

  • Configuration:



Modular paraffin embedding centre for high turnoverThe MPS/P2 features ease of operation, spacious working area, large container capacity and reliability. All modules operate at the same working height and can be arranged according to laboratory requirements in order to guarantee comfortable right-handed and left-handed operation. The extendable modular 3-component system with separate temperature control elements consists of a dispensing module MPS/P, a preheating module MPS/W and a separate cooling plate MPS/C. Dispensing module MPS/P with 5,5-liter paraffin Reservoir. Ergonomic hand rest. Adjustable LED-illuminated working area. Refrigeration spot (-5 °C). Continuous flow adjustment. Adjustable forceps holders. Electrically heated forceps (optional). Programmable working hours