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universal data logger / sterilization

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universal data logger / sterilization universal data logger / sterilization


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Paperless Efficient Autoclave Data Logger

Saving Dental Clinics Time and Money
Our Smart Reader Dental Autoclave Data Logger saves a digital copy of all records from every steam sterilization cycle! You would be free of paper printouts or buying printer ribbons.

Smart Reader App is Now Available for iPhones, iPads, and Android devices!

Additional information
Autoclave Type
First Generation Midmark, Midmark M9/M11, Old Model Statim 2000/5000, Tuttnauer

Convenient and Easy to Use
Saves Your Clinic Resources
Going Green by Becoming Paper-Free

How Do I Use the Data Logger?

Once it’s been installed you don’t need to do a thing. The entire process is automatic, and each cycle you run will be automatically logged on the SD Card. Each data log will be organized by date on the card, making it easy for you to review and copy to a computer. The SD card typically has enough storage for many years worth of data reports to be stored. Though it is recommended to backup the files to a computer and/or online on a monthly basis.

Can I use any SD Card?

The SD Cards need to be formatted specifically for use in the Data Logger.

How is this Data Logger different from other types?

Most Data Loggers only offer the option to print out all of your logs. Behind the times, you say? That’s what we thought. Our Data Logger not only offers precise and reliable readings for every sterilization cycle, we also offer you

electronic copies of each report, organized for easy review.
significant cost savings when you no longer need to print each report.
A much more environmentally friendly option.
A no-fuss convenient system that measures, logs, and organizes your reports automatically.

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