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Smartglass AB™



  • Applications:

    viewing, laboratory, hospital

  • Other characteristics:

    smart glass


Smartglass Anti Bacterial glass™ is a major innovation in the world of glass design. The antimicrobial action of the silver ions inside the glass eliminates 99.9% of all bacteria that form on its surface whilst also preventing the spread of fungi. This remarkable property makes it perfect for places where strict hygiene is a must.

Smartglass AB™ can be fitted as partitioning or double glazing. Smartglass AB™ range of glass with a bactericidal effect is a comprehensive interior design solution.

How does it work?
The process developed by Smartglass AB™ involves diffusing silver ions into the upper layers of the glass: the ions interact with bacteria and destroy them by disabling their metabolism and disrupting their division mechanism. The antibacterial effect of the glass is ongoing, particularly in warm and moist conditions where is high development of bacteria and mould.