knee replacement surgery instrument kit



  • Procedure:

    knee replacement surgery


Promoting effciency through intelligent design
• ORTHOMATCH Universal Instrumentation platform, includes a
comprehensive primary TKA system in just three trays
• Efficient, intuitive, effective and lean knee system providing
a streamlined & reproducible surgical flow
• State-of-the-art low weight, durable materials with reduced
instrument footprint to reduce hospital costs
• Optimized modularity providing a lean tray footprint and reduced weight
Simplifying surgical flow
• Consistent femoral A/P box dimensions as in LEGION™ and GENESIS™ II
• Ream through Femoral trials reduce number of steps and provide
accurate M/L femoral placement and PS box alignment
• Femoral sizer allows from 0-9 degrees external rotation of
femur to match the majority femoral anatomies
• Addresses both Anterior and Posterior referencing philosophies
utilizing the same single femoral sizing guide
• Simplified femoral upsize and downsize protocol
• Ability to modify femoral cutting block position anterior or
posterior before committing to chamfer cuts
• Tibial resection system provides either central or MIS Medial
/ Lateral placement utilizing same cutting block