carbon dioxide absorbent

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carbon dioxide absorbent carbon dioxide absorbent - Sodasorb®


Medical-grade Sodasorb® (soda lime USP-NF) is the original CO2 absorbent and has been the market leader for years. It is specially designed to provide exceptional CO2 absorption performance, superior color indication contrast, and optimal resistance to dusting. Sodasorb® CO2 Absorbent is intended for use in anesthesia circle systems and respiratory therapy equipment for the purpose of removing exhaled carbon dioxide. Its ease of use, high efficiency and safety record give you the confidence to place your focus where it's needed - on your patients.

Long-lasting formulation removes CO2 for hours while maximizing the use of anesthetic agents
Fewer change-outs and low dust content makes cleaning easier
Specially formulated to reduce the risk of degradation of anesthetic agents
Proven safety record ensures the comfort and well being of both patients and staff
High contrast color change lets you know when it's time to replace
May be used in conjunction with all the most commonly utilized anesthetic agents