pediatric manual resuscitator / infant / reusable / with pop-off and PEEP valves
Portex® 1st Response™ 8527MP



  • Patient type:

    pediatric, infant

  • Other characteristics:

    reusable, with pop-off and PEEP valves


The design of the product Portex® 1st Response pediatric and infant manual resuscitator helps to increase performance. The equipment is made up of light weight and clear materials which make it easily visible and easy to monitor the bag performance without looking away from the patient. The features like low dead-space patient valve assembly, pressure limiting valve and manometer port with tethered caps provides the required flexibility and the superior care for the patients. The product consists of low dead-space patient valve with integral swivel connector also and is latex free. Pressure Limiting Valve is preset to 40 cm H2O/4kPa limit and is situated in the field of vision of the professional. Tethered caps of Pressure Limiting Valve and manometer ports provide scope for PLV override and airway pressure monitoring.