plug-in type vacuum regulator / continuous
SWC Series



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    plug-in type

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The all new SMP 3-Mode Continuous Vacuum Regulator is the latest edition to SMP’s line of vacuum regulators offering users an innovative body style. Aside from being one of the most accurate vacuum regulators in the market, this unit also features an innovative grip feature allowing users to grip it safely. In addition, this vacuum regulator provides a broad selection of fittings ensuring compatibility with existing vacuum outlets in any medical facility


Gauge accuracy: ±10%
Large 2 ½” gauge display for easy reading
Accurate, precise suction control
Ergonomically designed shell with grip
Can be sterilized internally with cold disinfectant
Durable high quality ABS protective body for high impact resistance
Available with overflow safety trap made from high performance
precision thermoplastic
Available gauges: (0 – 160 mmHg) /(0 – 200 mmHg) / (0 – 300
mmHg) / (0 – 400 mmHg) / (0 – 760 mmHg)
Shell Color: White
Industry leading 7 year warranty