ultrasonic laboratory bath / medical / stainless steel
UMD 642

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ultrasonic laboratory bath / medical / stainless steel ultrasonic laboratory bath / medical / stainless steel - UMD 642


  • Applications:

    laboratory, medical

  • Options:

    stainless steel


The UMD 642 ultrasonic irrigator is intended for cleaning surgical tools, laboratory glassware and other hospital equipment (for CSSD and local sterilizing departments), laboratories etc.

Product description:
high cleaning efficiency in not easily accessible locations; cleaning of items made of glass, metal, ceramics and plastics is particularly efficient
two chambers volume approx. 50 l each – one for ultrasonic irrigation, and the other for flushing, dewatering and drying
microprocessor controller allowing to program bath temperature, cleaning time and to select ultrasonic operation mode (pulse or continuous)
last programmed settings are stored in the controller to allow quick activation of identical process
current bath temperature and time remaining to complete the process is constantly displayed on the control panel
valves for switching the water/air operation of the spray gun
knobs for remote control mechanisms of relief plugs
all components made of stainless steel
designed as independent washing workplace with permanent connection to water supply and sewerage, power supply and (optionally) compressed air systems
standard accessories: single-lever battery with stirrer and removable spraying nozzle, SELECTA type spraying gun with a set of 8 nozzles, irrigator chamber lid