mechanical micropipette / air displacement / with ejector / single-channel
Acura® manual 810



  • Technology:


  • Type:

    air displacement

  • Other characteristics:

    with ejector, single-channel

  • Volume:

    0.1 ml, 1 ml (0.0034 US fl oz)


Acura® manual 810 dilution pipette
Air displacement pipette with two pre-calibrated steps allows subsequent pipetting of 1 and 0.1 mL of the same liquid. Metal nozzle fits long straw tips to aspirate from narrow or deep réservoirs (i.e. Stomacher® bags). Ideal alternative to the graduated glass pipettes when performing serial 1:10 dilutions in bacteriology.

Three-year warranty.
Two pre-calibrated fixed volumes no setting required
Smooth activation, excellent ergonomics
Interchangeable PE nozzle protection filter
JustipTM system for height adjustment of tip ejector*
Independent calibration for each volume
Easy maintenance, cleaning and disinfection
Fully autoclavable 121°C / 250°F