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management software / planning / monitoring / billing



  • Function:

    management, planning, monitoring, billing, recording, prescription

  • Application domain:



Not a traditional CRM.

Do more with HeartPro.

The best of computer engineering to offer you an Advanced Management Database, designed for the Medical-Surgical profession. This is a complete software from A to Z, HeartPro represents the best of the avant-garde computer science to create, manage and archive complete cases on Patients.

HeartPro is an Advanced Management Database, which allows you to create, manage and store complete patient casisits in a single solution designed "ad-hoc" for the Doctor and the Surgeon.

This is a software created in collaboration with experts in the field and distributed by Softwaretech Italy, is able to simplify and make the organization of the Medical-Surgical Profession considerably easier. HeartPro represents a step forward in the resolution of the problems of clinics and multi-clinics, thanks above all to the many experiences gathered over the years and to the competence developed in addressing different needs in the field of Medicine and Surgery.

HeartPro offers numerous features and options to manage the entire database:
Customer Database and Clinical Folders
Advanced Search Filters
Medical Prescriptions
Image Comparison
Medical Visits and Treatments
Medical Invoice Billing
Online Planning Calendar