X-ray protective eye shield

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X-ray protective eye shield X-ray protective eye shield - CT-Eye-ProteX


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    X-ray protective eye shield


New standards in radiation protection during CT exams:

Especially CT exams in the area of the skull can lead to a opacity of the eye lens due to the ionizing radiation. Higher doses can also cause to a radiation cataract (cataract radiationis). Furthermore there is an increased risk for pediatric patients.

As part of the revision of CT-Eye ProteX Somatex now provides a highly efficient product for radiation protection for the eye lense. Especially in conjunction with X-CARE the CT-Eye Protex achieves a significant dose reduction of up to 50%. This is the result of a scientific paper* of Beuth University of Technology where in a experimental comparison different CT eye protectors were examined in different variants in conjunction with X-CARE.

Characteristics at a glance:
- Strong reduction of radiation exposure
- Minor artefacts due to comfortable spacer
- Space are made of 5 mm polyurethane foam
- Spacers are covered with high quality velor and ensure a high wearing comfort
- Lead and latex-free
- Skin-friendly fixing strips ensure a secure grip during exams

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