ambulatory polysomnograph / 70-channel / with EEG / video



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    with EEG, ambulatory, video, with EMG, with EOG



The future is here – our most powerful and flexible sleep diagnostic system. The SOMNO HD™ is a new generation of PSG with 55 channels (10 internal, 28 external, 17 EXG via the headbox) which can be upgraded to 70 channels, they are recorded at a resolution of up to 4 kHz per channel. Excellent signal quality goes without saying.

With intelligent connect, the new montage free sensor recognition, you can connect any sensor to any slot and also change it during the measurement. If an installation on the PC has been selected before the cable is connected, the device will indicate any missing sensors. Incorrect measurements due to forgotten or incorrectly connected sensors are thus excluded. Even without assembly, the measurements can now be started directly on the device.

Thanks to the integrated data transmitter, the SOMNO HD™ plus always works wirelessly. This allows additional remote signal control of the measured data: You get a screenshot of the measured data on your smartphone, tablet or computer. This way, you always know whether a patient’s home measurement is working properly, giving you peace of mind. In addition, the measurement is saved on the memory card of the SOMNO HD ™ – no data is lost!

Not only the data transmission is wireless – our sensors are the same! We offer the first wireless EMG sensors for PLM conduction for additional patient comfort.

Adding video to this powerful device gives you new opportunities to offer the future of HST.