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prostate tumor treatment HIFU ablation system / ultrasound-guided / MRI-guided
Sonasource® + Sonablate® + Sonatherm®



  • Type of therapy:

    for prostate tumor treatment

  • Control:

    ultrasound-guided, MRI-guided


Sonasource, the most versatile, transportable focused ultrasound thermal ablation platform available in the market today.

1 - Sonablate probe :

Sonablate is the first SonaSurgery probe to be commercialized. This unique image-guided device allows physicians to create a customized plan for each patient’s individual prostate needs. Ultrasound energy, or sound waves, is transmitted through the rectal wall and focused at desired locations within the prostate identified by MRI and confirmed by ultrasound. At the focal point of these sound waves, tissue temperature rapidly rises to almost 90 degrees Celsius (195 degrees Fahrenheit), destroying the targeted tissue while surrounding tissue remains unharmed. Sonablate features integrated imaging and ablation transducers that are controlled automatically allowing Sonablate to AIM, ABLATE, and ANALYZE the results of the ablation.

Minimally Invasive
Real-Time Imaging
Sonafuse (US / mpMRI Image Fusion)
TCM (Tissue Change Monitoring)

2 - Sonatherm Probe :

Sonatherm® is a robotic laparoscopic probe used to deliver precise and focused ablative energy to soft tissue with a customizable zone of ablation.

4 MHz HIFU transducer
35 mm focal length (30 mm ablation depth)
6.5 MHz ultrasound imaging (biplanar)
Compatible with 15 mm port
Conformal patient coupling
Single-use probe tip