on-platform, compact ultrasound system / for multipurpose ultrasound imaging / B/W / touchscreen
SonoSite SII



  • Ergonomics:

    on-platform, compact

  • Application:

    for multipurpose ultrasound imaging

  • Options:

    B/W, touchscreen


Intuitive, adaptive touchscreen interface with a clinician-driven menu
DirectClear Technology provides better imaging with increased penetration and contrast
Switch quickly between exam types with embedded dual transducer connector
Keep crowded areas clearer with small ultrasound footprint and redesigned stand with extra storage
Why choose the SonoSite SII?
Purchasing ultrasound equipment is no small matter, particularly for departments like Anesthesia and Trauma, where both time and space seem to be working against you. So what makes the SonoSite SII a high-performance machine in these settings?

Several key features set the SII apart from other ultrasound solutions.

Fast machine boot-up time
You need an ultrasound machine that is ready to scan, stat. The SII goes from cold start to scanning in under 25 seconds.

Clarity of ultrasound image
When your trauma bay is packed with medical personnel, it can be difficult to monitor everything. When space is at a premium, the SonoSite SII offers a stunningly clear picture. With its high visibility, non-reflective screen, and wide viewing angle, the Sll displays patient scans clearly from across the room.

New patented transducer technology
DirectClear Technology, available on the rP19x and rC60xi transducers, is a novel, patent-pending process that elevates transducer performance with improved penetration and contrast resolution. A unique combination of matching and de-matching layers surrounding the transducer’s crystal send more of the ultrasound signal into the body, producing an image that is clear and distinct.

Armored transducer cables