video data converter / operating room



  • Type:

    video data

  • Applications:

    operating room


Convert 4K surgical video images to IP for streaming and sharing across hospital networks

4K imaging is becoming increasingly prevalent in modern hospital environments. With four times the resolution of Full HD, 4K lets medical staff view video images from surgery and other clinical procedures with enhanced resolution, contrast and colour accuracy.

The NU-IP40D IP Converter plays a central role in the distribution of images acquired from the latest generation of 4K medical modalities such as endoscopes, boom arm cameras and surgical microscopes.

Equipped with DVI and HDMI interfaces for integration with medical imaging systems, the converter can be set for operation either as a 'transmitter' or 'receiver'. Digital video images captured in the integrated Operating Room (OR), consulting room or treatment centre are converted to IP using the NU-IP40D. Video data can then be streamed via the hospital network to anywhere on the healthcare campus. At its destination, IP is converted back to SDI digital video using a separate NU-IP40S unit for output to a wide range of displays and recording devices.

Transmission is near-real time, with no perceptible latency. Unlike conventional analogue video, image quality it not degraded by being sent over lengthy cable runs.

The IP Converter has two SFP+ transceiver modules pre-inserted at the time of shipment.