oxygen therapy hyperbaric chamber / inflatable / monoplace
Hyperlite 1



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    oxygen therapy

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The Hyperlite 1 is the world leading portable hyperbaric chamber and the only internationally approved non-metallic chamber capable of any 100% Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT).

Our latest model utilises advanced fabric technology to produce our most lightweight, easily transportable and rapidly deployable first-aid medical treatment system, providing life saving critical care capabilities to military operations during remote dive operations.

In service with Navy, Army, Air Force and Special Operations forces worldwide the Hyperlite 1 is designed to be durable, quick to assemble and intuitive to operate with a total system weight of just 40kg (without patient). The main tube of the pressure vessel is foldable when packaged, rigid when pressurised and the Pressure Vessel (PVHO) can be hand-lifted by 4-6 personnel and transferred whilst continuing treatment by land, air or sea.

With a Maximum Allowable Working Pressure (MAWP) of 2.3 bar (g), all 100% oxygen treatments can be provided on-scene, or alternatively, the patient can be transported whilst continuing treatment up to 17,500 feet (5,500 metres) in an unpressurised cabin to the nearest hyperbaric medical facility.