TEMP patient monitor / NIBP / systolic pressure / pulse oximetry



  • Measured parameter:

    TEMP, NIBP, systolic pressure, pulse oximetry

  • Applications:

    vascular diagnostic, oscillographic, hemodynamic

  • Configuration:

    modular, trolley-mounted

  • Other characteristics:

    continuous, non-invasive, transcutaneous, Doppler, with touchscreen, computer-based, with built-in printer, Toe Systolic Pressure, finger pressure, high-resolution, USB, TBI, ABI


The All-in-One Vascular Diagnostic System
Up to 8 pneumatic and 2 optical measurement channels as well as ultrasonic Doppler probes, ECG and invasive Phlebodynamometry provide comprehensive opportunities.
8-Channel Segmental Oscillography
The simultaneous recording of up to eight channels allows for the localization of occlusions as well as the automated calculation of pulse wave parameters within 45 seconds.
Finger & Toe Pressure
The OPO module allows performing optical pulse oscillography to determine blood flow in fingers and toes as well as to conduct arterial pressure measurements.
Ultrasonic Doppler
The AngE combines ultrasonic probes with pneumatic cuffs to allow Doppler pressure measurements with up to 16 tracks. The Doppler indices can be displayed at a glance on a dedicated overview report.
Venous Air Plethysmography
The Air VVP allows conducting plethysmographic measurements by using cuffs only. The often used mercury-filled strain gauges become unnecessary.