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TMS neuronavigation system

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TMS neuronavigation system TMS neuronavigation system


Soterix Medical NeuronavigationNeuronavigation to precisely and accurately position your TMS coil or electrodes for HD-tES.The most precise, reliable, and consistent image-guided navigation by Neural Navigator.TMS NeuronavigationTMS induces focused electrical current in desired brain regions via brief, time-varying magnetic fields produced by a coil, which is typically hand-held. The precise and reliable positioning of this coil is not a trivial task. A millimeter displacement from a specified target location may potentially compromise your results. Further, no two brains are alike; therefore coil placement simply based on head shape alone (‘5cm rule’) or the International 10-20 EEG is often ineffective. The Neural Navigator navigation system provides unmatched precision in positioning the TMS coil over a specified target based on an individual’s MRI. Desired brain targets can be identified by manually selecting them or by combining with fMRI determined regions of activity in real time.